Wailord is the evolved form of the event pokemon Wailmer. He is the biggest pokemon on the game as you can see in the picture to the right. He looks like a giant blue whale and has 1700 health making him the longest-living pokemon on the game! He knows all of Wailmers moves and the added new one "HydroPump."

HydroPump is a move that makes the user send two gigantic water balls towards its enemy. The attack is really affective and also extremely hard to dodge. It is a very strong attack.

Many People complain about Wailord's size as it makes people easy to find them. They also complain that their attacks don't hit Wailord. However this is because they aim for any part of Wailords body. The only part he can actually be hurt on is the front of his body where the name is. Wailord does not evolve into any pokemon.