Wailmer! Wail-Wailmer!

Wailmer was the first ever event pokemon in the history of Pokemon Evolutions 2. The players had to search the map and find the Heavy Ball badge. Once they had the Heavy ball badge they could become Wailmer and his evolved form Wailord. Wailmer has 1300 health making him one of the longest-living pokemon on the game. He knows "Watergun," "WaterPulse" and "Whirlpool."

Water gun is a move that makes the user shoot rapid balls of water towards its opponent. It isn't very strong even when a lvl 80 uses it on a lvl 20 or 10.

WaterPulse is a move that creates a water shield around you whilst the User shoots sparkly balls of water. It is a very strong attack.

Whirlpool is a move where your opponent must be in VERY close range. Your user must be next to your opponent when using the move as your character spins and makes all the pokemon trapped in his whirlpool shoot away in different directions making them get stuck sitting down. It is a very effective move.

Wailmer evolves into the event pokemon Wailord