DEOXYS! (From left to right) Normal, Defence, Speed, Attack

Deoxys was the 2nd event pokemon to be released in the history of Pokemon Evolutions 2. You could only unlock deoxys by finding the aurora ticket and travelling to Birth Island to claim the Cherish Ball. Once you had obtained the Cherish Ball you could become Deoxys whenever you wanted at any time. Like the original Deoxys you could transform into all four of his forms (In the photo to the right.) You could transform into Normal Deoxys, Defence Deoxys, Speed Deoxys and Attack Deoxys. Each form had their own attacks.

Normal mode has 500 health and the three moves "Psychic", "Zapcanon" and "Hyperbeam."

Psychic is a move that creates a medium-sized pink ball that is sent towards your opponent. It isn't very strong but useful to knock opponents other and allow you to escape. It is lng-range

Zapcannon is a move that creates a more larger yellow ball that is sent shooting north until it hits a pokemon. It is really, really strong.

Hyperbeam is a move that creates a slightly-bigger red orb on fire towards your enemy. It is very effective and can shoot any enemy far away. A fun move to use on the beach.

Defence Deoxys is designed for defence, has 500 life and CANNOT be hurt by PsychoBall. Defence Deoxys knows "HyperBeam," "Psychic" and "Discharge." Defence form's hyperbeam is much stronger than Normal Deoxy's version.

Discharge is a move that creates a yellow explosive shield around you. If anybody is unfortuanate to be in the shield they get blown up. It is a very strong and useful move.

Speed Deoxys is the fastest of them all. He is mainly designed for speed and escaping. (And maybe racing.) He knows "Psychic," "PsychoBall" and "ExtremeSpeed."

PsychoBall is a move that makes the user create a enormous black orb with a red centre. It is then shot towards its opponent. It is Speed Deoxys's strongest attack.

ExtremeSpeed is a move that makes you charge forwards. It doesnt do much damage and you can't control yourself when using it so you can run into attacks.

Attack Deoxys is Deoxy's main attack form. It is mainly designed for rage and attack. It knows "Psychic," "Hyperbeam" and "PsychoBoost."

As Deoxys's attack form is its main form PsychoBoost is a boosted version of Speed Deoxy's PyschoBall. It is really strong and faster.

Deoxys does not evolve into any pokemon as it is a legendary. It is one of the most strongest pokemon on the game however it is overused and abused as people use him a lot for War. Most of the people that use Deoxys use him for fun and attack random people. It can get very annoying but Wailord can knock them out easily.