Bulbasaur was the first ever pokemon on Pokemon Evolutions 2. He is a small grass type. He has 450 health and knows Leech seed, Tackle and Poisonpowder

When Leechseed is used the player shoots a ray of brown pellets. It is very useful for hitting enemies at a long-range.

Tackle is the weakest out of the moves as it just sends you running forwards. It isn't very strong and only takes little damage. It is not the best use to move.

Poisonpowder is similar to Leechseed as it shoots multiple bullets. However there are big differences. The bullets are much bigger in size and are purple. They are short-range and have a different effect on the target. It creates a orb of Purple smoke around its victim trapping them inside. It can drain almost-half a pokemon's life.

He evolves into Ivysaur